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Mommy & Me Uptown New Orleans

We had a spur of the moment Mommy & Me session in Uptown New Orleans. Kim is one of my friends from back home and she came by to bring her baby boy for me to meet as well as visit! Little did she know that I’d turn our visit into an impromptu photoshoot and these photos did not disappoint.

Kim followed me with the baby in tow as we walked around my neighborhood finding the cutest orange house and then as we stopped at the yellow house I saw this yellow truck passing in front of her and quickly snapped a photo. I have to say, that was probably my favorite out of the bunch!

We then ended on Freret street where this cute retro mini RV was parked very fittingly in front of a two-toned blue building. We couldn’t ask for a better set up for this!

If you enjoyed this mommy & me session, please check out this super cute family session in the Bywater!

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