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Hey guys & gals! So, this past weekend I brought Odin aka Oaty to BARKUS¬†and this was our first year actually walking in the parade. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day in the FQ and to be completely honest, this is really the ONLY parade that I care about. Being surrounded by a plethora of pups, many in adorable costumes and a whole parade dedicated to them. I mean, c’mon. No competition if you ask me. So back to actually walking the parade…well for those who do not know, my Odin is only 10 going on 11 months. He’s close to 80 (if not more) pounds, and he is still leash training. The way he pulled us around reminded me that of the horses that pull the carriages around the FQ. He did this for the ENTIRE parade, and thankfully I had my sister and friend there to help take turns holding his leash. Seriously though, I felt like I had a full workout by the end of the parade. Well, I hope you enjoy a few shots I took as I was walking the parade and I’m excited to attend next year, but instead of a participant, I might stick to being an on-looker…unless he’s fully leash trained *fingers crossed*!

^^ Looka my baby! He’s so handsome!

^^ Seriously one the most majestic dogs at BARKUS.

^^He finally tired after pulling like a draft horse.

^^I’m not a huge Starwars fan, but I know it’s from that movie franchise. Can anyone tell me what he’s dressed as?!

^^ALL SMILES in these two photos, but the 10 other outtakes are of me struggling to hold onto his leash. HAH

^^Okay, a pretty funny moment happened with the Pink Panther. We were walking behind the Second Line and when they seen the guy dressed up as the Pink Panther they started playing his theme music. It was pretty priceless!

And of course we ended off our night with some delicious DAT DOG. If you haven’t tried their amazing hot-dogs, make a trip there ASAP. Trust me. Also, they are canine friendly, so bring along your furry friends!

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